Good news! JDI Legal has done it again. All four candidates were very good last Friday and since their first interview had all done a deal of homework about the Firm and presented their topic extremely well. No doubt (B) will have given you the decision and although I haven't seen the signed contract I understand from HR we have an acceptance. Before we started to work together, a recruitment project of this magnitude brought trepidation and seemed to go on forever with all sorts of issues cropping up. Some candidates not arriving others expecting different salaries or didn't understand the job, not much of a brief from their agency, pestering recruitment consultants on the telephone two minutes after an interview etc. The Partners had seen it all and were sceptical about recruiters in general Thankfully you are so different and this second success is great news for the Firm and brings you our respect. You did tell us what to expect but you must forgive our doubts. There is no better way to retain our loyalty than to perform as you have.

Managing Director - Private Practice

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